Muscle Building & Body Sculpting With Emsculpt

If one of your aesthetic desires is to simultaneously build muscle while burning fatty tissue, without recurring to surgery, then it is time for you to try Emsculpt. This FDA-approved, new treatment technique can make you achieve that goal by being capable of providing a much-desired contoured body.

Emsculpt works by contracting your muscle fibers with HIFEM, or high intensity focused electromagnetic energy, a technology that has the ability to induce super-maximum muscle contractions, something impossible to do through exercise. This is why using Emsculpt results in the equivalent of doing approximately 20,000 sit-ups.

While you increase in muscle volume and density, the intense muscle contractions promote the release of epinephrine, inducing a process of lipolysis that ends with fatty cells being naturally eliminated.

Basically, this technology produces an energy flow that is capable of creating muscle tissue while stimulating fat removal. And all this simply by lying down on a stretcher during the procedure.

An Emsculpt treatment is recommended for those active individuals that although they practice a healthy lifestyle, they still want to improve the tone and shape of their abdomen, arms, legs, or buttocks, without spending eternal hours at the gym, wasting money in useless forms of body countering, and undergoing a surgical procedure.

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With Emsculpt, results will appear in just a few personalized treatment sessions of approximately 30 minutes each, performed every 2 to 3 days. And the best thing is that no prior preparation nor recovery is needed when doing these sessions.

By scheduling an appointment with experts, such as Dr. Edward A. Nash and Dr. Breanna Randolph, over at Progressive Rejuvenation, we can make you achieve all your health, aesthetic, regenerative, and rejuvenating goals in a few sessions.

For more information about muscle building, body sculpting, and so much more, contact us at 346-220-8076. Our team of experts based in the luxuriously community of The Woodlands, TX, will be available during working hours to answer all your inquiries and support you in your path to wellness.

Or, if you prefer, schedule your appointment at and you will receive the proper attention your case requires.

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