Photofacial With Lumecca

A photofacial, also known as photorejuvenation, is an aesthetic treatment promoted to reverse sun damage, including facial color, and improve tone and texture in the process, among other skin related factors.

This procedure uses IPL technology, or intense pulsed light, which is based on the application of a powerful light source that is used for skin rejuvenation due to its ability to penetrate the skin, causing minimal damage.

Like laser, this technology works by filtering out various wavelengths of light to react with specific skin conditions, effectively stimulating epidermal and dermal regeneration through increased production of collagen fiber and elastin by gently damaging the deep layers of the skin while sparing its outer layers, inducing a natural wound healing mechanism.

This process is called photothermolysis and it is the foundation of the photofacial treatment.

With this in mind, Lumecca IPL by Inmode is one of the most powerful IPL’s in the industry, delivering up to 3X more energy in the 500-600 nm range to improve efficacy for vascular and pigmented lesions. It is optimized for clinicians to treat a variety of lesions with fewer sessions by:

  • Tightening facial pores.
  • Reducing the severity of acne.
  • Reducing the appearance or removing sun spots and freckles.
  • Decreasing hyperpigmentation.
  • Treat skin redness and flushing.
  • Reducing the appearance of scars (acne, chickenpox, etc.).
  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Reversing sun damage.
  • Treating vascular lesions (broken capillaries, blood vessels, telangiectasia, rosacea).
  • Improving facial contour.
  • Squeezing the skin.
  • Boosting the production of collagen and elastin.

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