Our organisms are composed of multiple cells that, in order to reach a level of complexity that allows for proper organization and optimal functionalism, need to possess a very special communication system.

This complex communication is carried out through various elements that function as molecular mediators between the various cells, tissues, organs, and systems that conform our body, thus maintaining a correct intra- and extra-cellular homeostasis.

Within these mediators, we can find the famous growth factors and cytokines, elements that have gained a significant level of popularity, especially in the field of regenerative medicine.

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By binding to specific sites and receptors on the surface of their target cells, these molecules are able to modulate, either by activating or promoting, or by deactivating or inhibiting, some type of biological process, among which are: cell proliferation, activation, differentiation, and migration. In addition, some of these mediators, specifically growth factors, are also modulating other processes, such as tissue organization, morphogenesis, angiogenesis, among others.

With this in mind, these exact mediators are now being used through the regenerative medicine field in the direct treatment of hair loss-related conditions, alopecia in particular.

By applying elements derived from the body itself, such as growth factors and cytokines, excellent results are achieved in record time, allowing each patient to achieve their desired goals in terms of hair loss treatment with hardly any side effects and with minimal manipulation.

By scheduling an appointment with experts, such as Dr. Edward A. Nash and Dr. Breanna Randolph, over at Progressive Rejuvenation, we can make your hair return to its glory days through the application of regenerative techniques based on your own natural elements.

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