Experience the Health Benefits of Cryotherapy at Progressive Pain and Rehabilitation.

Cryotherapy or cold therapy is a treatment approach that uses extremely cold temperatures (typically –200° to –300° F) to stimulate the healing processes within your body. The whole body cryotherapy exposes your entire body to freezing temperatures for several minutes, while localized cryotherapy can target a specific area such as your neck or joint.
People report several cryotherapy benefits, including fewer migraines, improved mood, decreased pain, and clearer skin. So, is this procedure safe? And what does science say about cryotherapy benefits and risks?

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What Are the Benefits of Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is relatively new, so preliminary studies and anecdotal evidence are the only evidence we have on efficacy. Here are some of the effects you can expect after the treatment.

Reduced Migraine Intensity

Studies show that localized cryotherapy in the neck area can reduce the intensity of migraines.[1] The treatment helps cool blood going into the brain and numbs nerves in the neck area. This approach reduces pain intensity, but research is yet to show whether it could eliminate it. Anecdotal evidence from cryotherapy practitioners says yes.

Decreased Muscle Pain and Faster Recovery

Athletes commonly use cryotherapy to improve muscle recovery after intense exercises and reduce healing time after an injury. The main reason is that it can numb the pain, reduce inflammation, and stimulate processes essential for repairing damaged tissues. [2]

Reduced Inflammation

Inflammation is a signal that your body is fighting something. It can occur when you have an injury, acute illness, or some other chronic condition. Cryotherapy decreases oxidative stress that damages the cells and reduces inflammation, significantly improving well-being and healing abilities. [3, 4]

However, most studies so far have been performed on rats, and we need some clinical research that confirms the findings of animal model studies. 

Lifted Mood

Our patients use cryotherapy every day, and we can directly observe its effects on them. The main benefit is a significant change in mood and energy levels. 

The extreme cold can induce hormonal changes in our bodies, such as the release of endorphins, noradrenalin, and adrenaline. These chemicals positively affect our mood and well-being, and some studies even propose cryotherapy as part of the treatment for anxiety and depression. [5]

Alleviated Arthritis Symptoms

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disorder that causes pain, swelling, and stiffness in the joints. People with this chronic condition often have problems finding the proper treatment to manage the symptoms. And it seems like cryotherapy could help.

Research shows that whole-body cryotherapy could induce short-term pain-reducing effects, which could be beneficial for better management of this condition. [6]

Potential for Preventing Cognitive Decline

Researchers discuss the possibility of using cryotherapy to reduce cognitive decline. Because this approach has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative effects, it could help slow down cognitive decline and the development of dementia. [7] However, we need more research to confirm these effects and enlist cryotherapy in the standard management and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease.

Improved Skin Health

Research shows that cryotherapy can help improve skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis. [8] The treatment increases antioxidant levels and reduces inflammation, which plays a vital part in easing the symptoms of these conditions and improving skin health.

Studies in mice highlight the potential of cryotherapy for treating acne. [9]

Is Cryotherapy Safe?

Cryotherapy is generally considered safe, but the FDA has not recognized it for the treatment of any medical conditions. That’s why it is essential to talk to a medical professional before undergoing cryotherapy.

Some mild side effects may include skin burns, change in blood pressure, redness, skin irritation, numbness, and tingling sensation. However, these are only temporary and usually resolve on their own within a few hours.

Cryotherapy at Progressive Pain and Rehabilitation

If you want to try cryotherapy, we offer whole-body cryotherapy for our patients at Progressive Pain and Rehabilitation Center. Our dedicated team will help you get the most out of this innovative treatment. Schedule an appointment to discover why our patients feel so good after each cryotherapy session.