Dermaplaning Facial

Known as one of the most popular facial skin treatments in recent times, dermaplaning is a facial aesthetic procedure applied to gently exfoliate or “shave” the skin’s most external surface to remove dead skin cells and the fine, vellus hair that gives you that characteristic peach fuzz.

Being capable of removing deep scars and pockmarks produced by some skin conditions like acne, the most important objective of dermaplaning is to make the skin’s surface appear youthful, radiant, smooth, and full of life.

By using a sterile, surgical scalpel or exfoliating blade, this most wanted aesthetic procedure allows the skin to enhance its regenerative process, making new layers of skin to appear healthier than ever. Additionally, dermaplaning is an excellent technique used to get rid of the excess of skin’s fine hairs that can accumulate dirt and oil.

This technique is great for those patients that have a dry or rough skin texture, superficial acne scars, uneven skin tones, and mature skin with plenty of dead skin cells. On the other hand, dermaplaning is not recommended for patients with active and very oily acne, or great amounts of dark, thick facial hairs.

The procedure, which is recommended to only be performed on the face, avoiding eyebrows and nose, is done monthly, in less than half an hour. After it is done, the skin will look instantly brighter, producing some redness that will disappear after a few days.

It is important to know that, because the skin remains a bit delicate after the procedure, sun exposure without wearing sunscreen needs to be avoided due to its ability to reverse its effects.

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