Growth Factors

Every day is getting more and more common to see someone bald or in the process of being one. In fact, over 80 million Americans are affected by hair loss, a situation that does not seem to improve. This is becoming so frequent that studies foresee that by the age of 35, approximately 66% of men will be affected by this medical condition. And unfortunately, not just men are in trouble because 40% of Americans who experience hair loss are women.

Knowing the statistics and the significance that hair has in the actual society, searching for valid alternatives to treat these types of conditions becomes fundamental. Fortunately, an alternative exists, and it is a very good one.

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Recently, the use of growth factors and cytokines has gained significant popularity due to the relation that these elements have with hair follicle development and cycling, forming the foundation for potential clinical therapies of hair growth disorders, alopecia in particular.

The application of growth factors and cytokines, naturally produced elements used in the regenerative medicine field, consists of administering a local injection of a prepared solution into the scalp in order to positively influence cellular differentiation and proliferation, enhancing cellular growth and finally, hair growth.

And the best thing is that, unlike many traditional treatments, some of which are very expensive, result in diverse side effects, and do not directly address the causes, the use of growth factors and cytokines has had very promising responses. 

By scheduling an appointment over at Progressive Rejuvenation, experts like Dr. Edward A. Nash and Dr. Breanna Randolph can make your hair return to its days of glory through the application of regenerative techniques based on your own natural elements.

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