Diolaze XL


By combining high peak power with a large spot size, the DiolazeXL provides fast and permanent hair removal. This modern-day diode laser is used for treatment while utilizing 3PC (Pre-Parallel-Post Cooling) Technology alongside built-in certified safety measures for a comfortable and secure session. DiolazeXL is a viable treatment option for a variety of skin types and can handle even the most stubborn of hair thanks to its cutting-edge technology which targets the root of the hair follicle as opposed to simply removing hair. In this way, DiolazeXL treats the problem at the source without compromising on efficiency for a quality result.

What Can It Treat?

Facial hair can easily hurt someone’s image if not carefully maintained and groomed; particularly for women who prefer to keep a smooth, clean, unblemished face. Whether on the chin or along the sideburns, DiolazeXL is a safe and viable solution. Thanks to the large surface area of the DiolazeXL, body hair found on the legs, stomach, chest, or back is not an issue for treatment either.

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