Metabolic Support

Metabolic Support

Would you prefer a better body structure? Do you need to think you need to boost your metabolism? Do you desire a glowing skin? Improve cholesterol and blood sugar? Clearer memory and mind?

Metabolic support is created to restore the mineral and vitamin deficiencies commonly linked with excess insulin and blood sugar balance. It also possesses essential nutrients that enhance insulin levels and healthy glucose, and at the same time, support carbohydrate metabolism.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that, if you begin from inside to develop healthy cells, you can attain impressive outcomes, so supplements and nutrition is one way to achieve amazing results.

Progressive Rejuvenation provides metabolic support and vitamin supplements which helps you both stay healthy in mind and body too.


  • Helps combat belly fat and fat loss—as well as in other areas around love handles and bra straps, and behind the arms too
  • Optimizes body composition
  • Delivers chromium to improve metabolic support of insulin, cravings, hunger and heart health
  • Offers potent antioxidants
  • Slows hair loss and enhances skin glow. High insulin affects skin quality, and also promotes hair loss.  
  • Improved blood sugar balance and cholesterol. Insulin is patented water extracted of cinnamon, and it helps in the management and prevention of Type II Diabetes
  • Helps in carbohydrate metabolism. Ingredients integrated into this formula has been scientifically proven to influence glucose metabolism positively
  • Metabolic Support aids in maintaining a healthy memory and mind by reducing insulin which is known to be deadly to brain tissue
  • Enhances and improves healthy nerve function
  • Dramatically increases the metabolic benefits of strength development
  • Metabolic support features significant amounts of vital ingredients that support glucose metabolism and insulin utilization 
  • Improves cholesterol and blood sugar balance. insulin which is a patented water extract of cinnamon assists in the prevention of and management of Type II Diabetes.

Simple delivery is the key. We think that for those individuals who haven’t taken a supplement or taken their nutrition as part of their skin and health care, they can adapt to the concept of feeding the skin from under.   

Contact Progressive Rejuvenation today to feel better from the inside out while improving confidence and enhancing quality of life.