Patient Success Stories

Pj Sparks – PRP for Hair Growth.

Breanna and Progressive Rejuvenation are top of the line. From the moment I walked in they handled the PRP treatment with care and professionalism. I have been dealing with thinning hair ever since college, and had little to no hope off regaining any of my hair back.. I tried everything, until I discovered PRP. The process was short and pretty much pain free. It was an amazing experience and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to grow their hair where it has been lost. I’ve gotten two PRP sessions and already seeing results! Extremely happy with my new hair growth. Feeling confident!

Aaron – PRP for Hair Growth.

For years I have been trying to find a simple solution to my thinning hair. I eventually started to give up after several years of applying topical solutions or taking daily hair supplements that produced minimal results. However, I have seen better results after just three ten minute PRP procedures than the last three years combined.


Great Botox experience. I feel like 10 years has been erased from my face.


This was my first experience with Botox and fillers. I was nervous because I did not want to look like I had “work” done, but I am extremely happy with the natural looking results.