How can women achieve hormonal balance with BioTE

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) using the pellet method has changed the way women age. In the past, complications in women during childbirth were very common, premenstrual syndrome was an imaginary problem, and menopause, with all its age-related medical conditions, was just another stage of life that had to be endured and lived. However, today, we know that we do not have to accept the hormonal imbalance as a grim reality.

Some “experts” continue to say that women should stop whining and embrace their female problems, but why should they do so when the remedy is as simple as replacing the missing hormones through BioTE hormonal therapy, which can not only improve their day-to-day lives, but also satisfactorily extend them.

Either by administrating estrogen or testosterone, studies have demonstrated that women can really benefit from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, preventing and improving medical conditions related to:

  • Premature ovarian failure.
  • Weight gain.
  • Bone reduction and osteoporosis.
  • Poor muscle tone.
  • Heart disease.
  • Dermatological issues.
  • Diabetes.
  • Moodiness.
  • Loss of sexual drive.
  • Colon cancer.
  • Cognitive decline and mental confusion.
  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.
  • Insomnia.
  • Tooth loss.
  • Vision problems.

And for those women that may believe BioTE hormonal therapy is a complicated process, going with traditional methods instead, the truth is that this natural type of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is both safe and effective, providing the desired improvements in just a few weeks.

Through the insertion under the skin of tiny, custom-compounded devices known as pellets, which are derived from natural plant sources, physiological doses of hormones are able to release slowly but constantly into the bloodstream, transforming women´s lives for the better.

After a few administrations of these hormones, their blood levels will maintain stabilized throughout the day, lasting for up to 3-6 months. And the best thing is that no side effects are usually seen, especially those related to the annoying “roller coaster” produced by hormonal instability that affects women so much.

With this in mind, we, at Progressive Rejuvenation, are committed to providing the best treatment technologies for you to achieve all your health, aesthetic, regenerative, and rejuvenating goals thanks to the experience of experts such as Dr. Edward A. Nash, a Houston native with deep roots in the community, and Dr. Breanna Randolph, a medically actively involved professional.

By scheduling an appointment with us over at Progressive Rejuvenation, we can make you return to your daily activities feeling better than before both internally and externally, avoiding invasive and risky interventions and its long periods of recovery.

So, schedule your appointment with us and you will receive the proper attention your case requires.

For more information about BioTE hormonal therapy and so much more, contact us at 346-220-8076. Our team of experts based in the luxuriously planned community of The Woodlands, TX, will be available during working hours to answer all your inquiries and support you in your path to wellness.

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