Does Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment Work for Hair Loss?

Luckily, the days of wearing a wig or a toupee to cover the bald spot are finally behind us. These obsolete cover-ups have never been a satisfactory solution. The advancements in medicine and cosmetics have created space to develop far more efficient, elegant, and functional solutions to this growing problem. Platelet-rich plasma treatment is one of the most prominent revolutionary concepts for treating hair loss.

The treatment is based on using the patient’s platelet-rich plasma to treat hair loss. The idea is that the platelets originating from the patient’s blood can be injected in the base of the hair follicles. This will enhance the rejuvenation and growth of dermal papilla cells responsible for hair growth. The treatment is non-invasive, non-surgical, and considered safe when administered by a skilled specialist.

There are dozens of possible causes for hair loss, and they require different treatment approaches. Although it brings positive effects in many areas, platelet-rich plasma treatment has displayed the best results in treating androgenic alopecia, particularly when combined with other therapies.

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