Cara Lopez


Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Cara Lopez became fascinated with self-care at a young age and was eager to learn how to nurture a healthy lifestyle.

She always had a passion for wellness, fitness and nutrition, which led to her career in aesthetics.

Cara joined our team in 2020 as our Medical Aesthetician and Master Injector. She successfully holds two TDLR state boards in Cosmetology and Aesthetics. She is a licensed dietician and has completed the Jurisprudence Exam and the Texas Athletic Trainer Exam.

To keep up with the evolving aesthetics industry, Cara seeks out the latest research, treatments and innovation to provide her clients with the best recommendations based on what’s best for their unique body and goals.

“I love what I do and it’s my pleasure to help others feel good in their skin. I strive to help every client become their best self and I take great pride knowing I can help them gain confidence and make a difference in their life.” – Cara

Cara believes in the remarkable impact confidence can have on one’s life which is why she offers a variety of treatment options and specializes in skin rejuvenation, full body rejuvenation, body sculpting, dermal fillers, hair loss solutions, hormone optimization, metabolic support, nutrition, and sexual wellness.

For a full list of treatments offered and to learn more, please visit Body, Image, and Wellness on our website.


“ I am married to my amazing Husband, Alfonso. He is a professional Light Heavy weight boxer and champion. Between the two of us, we have 3 beautiful children and one on the way. I enjoy cooking, sports, working out, and traveling anywhere there’s a beach.”