How Efficient is Cellutone in Treating Stretch Marks and Cellulite?

A single visit to the beach is sufficient to see how widespread stretch marks and cellulite really are. A more detailed glance reveals that the issue is not reserved for new mothers, seniors, or people with weight management difficulties. These problems are evident in all generations, and they affect all genders. The need for appropriate treatment is increasing, with Cellutone making its mark as a part of rejuvenation therapy.

The elimination of stretch marks and cellulite has always been difficult, according to specialists involved in the treatments and the patients. Cellutone brings a fresh concept to the treatment of these cosmetic issues and provides improved results. This device uses high-frequency shockwaves to incite the vibration of the treated area affected by stretch marks or cellulite. It is an entirely painless and non-invasive procedure that can be applied to all the areas of the body.

The vibrations cause changes in tissues by affecting the deeper layers of fat and dermal tissue and making them more flexible. In return, superficial dermal tissue defects become less visible. In addition, the vibrations improve the circulation and oxygenation that make the skin look rejuvenated.

The experts at the Progressive Rejuvenation Center are experienced with Cellutone and can help you eliminate cellulite and stretch marks. Feel free to book an appointment through the website or by calling +1 346-220-8063.

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