Use of exosomes at Progressive Rejuvenation

For those individuals that are interested in knowing about advanced medical techniques to prevent or solve a specific health condition that is taking away their sleep, regenerative medicine therapy has arrived as a very promising new discipline that has a simple goal:

“To take advantage of the mechanisms used by the cells of our body in those areas that may be more damaged, repairing or regenerating the affected tissues and rejuvenating them in order to recover their functionality.”

In this field, mesenchymal stem cells have been at the forefront; however, it has recently been reported that exosomes, vesicles involved in intercellular communication and transport of genetic material, play an important role in the cellular therapy of many medical conditions associated with pain, inflammation, and degenerative processes.

Exosomes are released by mesenchymal stem cells and, serving as a method of transportation and communication of genetic data between cells, they secure these processes while, at the same time, promoting the healing mechanism carried out by the cells.

By injecting these into the affected area, stem cells’ job of regenerating the damaged tissue is guaranteed, also enhancing the natural ability of the body to repair itself.

And the best thing is that, unlike many traditional treatment options, some of which are very expensive, result in diverse side effects, and do not address the causes but rather the symptoms, this type of therapy includes minimally invasive techniques, does not increase the risk of immune rejection, and provides a low risk of complications and/or infection.

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